Saddle Leather (AKA:Crazy Horse Leather)

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Many of the stunning products at Old Rugged are made with this durable fabric. Not only does it look good but it has so many things going for it. Before I start praising the fabric let me first explain what crazy horse is.

What is Crazy Horse Leather?

If you haven't heard of crazy horse leather, I can imagine some of the wild thoughts that may have run through your head as you saw that that perfect backpack or travel bag was made from this leather. Thoughts like, "Horses?!", "What's crazy is using horse hide!" and "No, no I can't support this."

So, let me clarify and ease your mind by explaining what crazy horse leather actually is. Firstly, this leather does NOT come from horses so you can take a sigh of relief (and continue that purchase of the perfect backpack and travel bag). The reasoning behind the name is because this type of leather is commonly used for horse saddles, hence why this leather is also referred to as saddle leather (definitely a less concerning name). Crazy horse leather is created by applying a special wax to a smoothed out full grain cowhide leather. This wax enhances the leather fibres which allows the natural colour to come through if scratched, thus creating that beautiful rugged, rare and vintage appearance. Now that you know what crazy horse leather is, I will elaborate as to why it is a great fabric for your handbags, backpacks and so much more.

Why is it Good, Better and Beautiful?

Crazy horse leather is good because, like any leather, this fabric is long-lasting and timeless which means it is a worthwhile investment and would be part of your wardrobe for many stylish years. This leather is also strong and durable which adds to the high quality of this fabric.

Crazy horse leather is better because the applied wax enhances the protection of the leather as well as increases the water-resistance and durability. Therefore, that crazy horse leather backpack or travel bag will be a great addition to your adventures!

And finally, crazy horse leather is beautiful because each product made with this leather is different and unique. The wax enchances the natural colour if scratched which adds to the character, charm and uniqueness of each individual product which, in my opinion, is pure beauty.

So, I hope this clarified any confusion and helped you to fall in love with this amazing, unique and beautiful fabric. If you want to get your hands on crazy horse leather products go to Old Rugged and beautify your wardrobe and travel luggage with some of their products.

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